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Cha-Ka-Tha (to party): The town of Old Guardia shall be a formidible challenge, are the rewards worth the risk? (meta: were we offered any rewards for these quests?). If we insist on journeying there I beleive that we should maintain a camp outside the city. Trying to complete all three tasks at once might get us bogged down in undead, friend Kasigo, the Vashkararh sorcerer, and the Professor of Maps only have som many spells, while the not-human paladin, the furry one, and I can only sustain so much combat. Retrieving the deeds for the urban dwellers and the information for the guild of “walkers” should be our first objectives. Those tasks offer the best rewards and benefits. We should consider rescuing the elder dwarf as the last option, it is not worth the time and risk of skulking around an infested city looking for someone who could be hidden anywhere or dead. If the younger dwarf could not be bothered to save his clutchmate why should we?

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I agree with the bug. There is much danger we will encounter in Old Guardia especially from foes whom I will have great difficulty in damaging. Deeds can be a smash and grab done by those of us whom can avoid detection by the local entities, and the same can be said for the research. As the sneakiest of the sneaky I am confident that most items we need to lay our hands on will be simple but for the local new populace. As for the whereabouts of a given tree-stump sized person…well my fur stands up thinking about the places the body would be crammed. Doing a multi-day excursion into those lands will be tricky as we already face bandits whenever we travel. Camps will be assailed by something, living or undead. We should prioritize our goals so if need be we can make the judicious decision that one dwarfs wants are not more valuable than our collective necks.

Welcome to your Adventure Log!

I believe that the risks are worth the potential rewards, my associates. Just think of all the goods that were probably left behind in haste during the flight to New Guardia! If we are to provide the contracted services, I think part of the hazard pay would be our pick of the abandoned goods of the city left by those miserable humans. Particularly from the armory; we could discover some blades useful in fighting the undead foes. That alone could make looking for the dwarf worth it.

I agree with setting up camp outside the city, although this will make us vulnerable to both the undead scourge of the city, and possibly bandits as Drissah mentioned. Perhaps we should look to a building in the city that is easy to fortify, so as to avoid bandit attack within the town. We could even make it a permenant base, perhaps, once the town is cleared of the undead scourge. What say you, my associates?

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(to everyone) I think we can take the remaining goods of the city whether or not we find the dwarf. It is not required that we must provide an iventory to the dwarf captain when we get back, they have no plans on returning to the abandoned city. We Thri-Kreen do not post lost and found letters in town squares should we come across abandoned goods in the wilds. Besides, even if we cannot find him the captain should not bar us from removing any leftover materials. If we insist on locating the elder dwarf we should think of some way to call his attention, maybe a signal. I am guessing that with the mageblight we cannot use any spells to discern his location or communicate with him. While stting up a fortified house inside the city may protect us from living enemies, what about the undead? Which undead have taken over the town? (meta: would that be a Knowledge: Religion roll?) We may fool the mindless shamblers, but what if there is an intelligent source of this plague?

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You make a good point associate Chak-Ka-Tha; perhaps we should talk to the lost dwarf’s family member again and see if there is a signal that he would immediately recognize as friendly, which would help our progress immensely. As a mage of prodigious magical power, it is my opinion that it might be possible to locate him by divination, although it would have to be cast within a certain range of the dwarf. I do not have the capability to cast such magic, mighty though I am. I doubt there is a capable spellcaster in New Guardia, otherwise the dwarf would have done so already. Perhaps we can locate a hedgemage nearby who would be willing to take coin to provide us the help we need.

As for setting up within the city, if this dwarf can survive in the city, then we should be able to as well. However, perhaps it would be prudent to camp on the outskirts and disguise our tracks.

Welcome to your Adventure Log!

How discretely can the walking mountain of metal and smash camp? …hedgemage’s they are too fond of the animals. Growing up more than a few thought they could “become closer to nature” by being with my people….in reality they just were into cats.

Clearly there will be stuff for the taking, the question just remains about the resident things who like to eat the living. While fast its hard to outrun things when they surround you.

Welcome to your Adventure Log!

(Phedh walks up to the group). Well met, travelers. I’ve been speaking to the townsfolk about the creatures that beset their former home (meta: for the sake of fairness, I rerolled the knowledge check myself; luckily I got a 25), and I’ve discovered some useful information:

The creatures that attacked these people are ghouls; they are foul undead cannibals, hungering for the flesh of the living. They retain a measure of the intellect they possessed in life, but they are entirely feral; ghouls will not attack each other, but neither will they organize or cooperate in any way. Their attacks are capable of paralyzing their prey.

However, their most terrifying ability by far is their ability to spread a disease known as “ghoul fever.” Anyone bitten by these loathsome creatures risks contracting the disease; after you succumb to its effects, you rise as a ghoul yourself on the following midnight, with all formal loyalties and moralities forgotten.

Something is amiss, though. Ghoul fever normally only turns a victim who succumbs to the fever; when an infected person dies by some other cause, they do not become a ghoul. However, the townsfolk describe their infected friends and loved ones turning even after succumbing to normal wounds. Furthermore, there seems to have been very little delay between death and turning during this outbreak; at most, it took an hour for the victims to rise again as ghouls.

It would appear that this town was beset by no ordinary breed of ghoul. Its source is something I cannot speculate upon. However, I believe that this fever was the source of the town’s downfall; most of these townsfolk would not have had access to the curative magics necessary to stop the spread of this strange new disease. As a result, one wandering ghoul could have easily turned a large portion of the populace into a small army of ghouls before the remaining citizens could respond.

Welcome to your Adventure Log!

This is most inauspicious information Phedh. I did not realize the ghoul had such dangerous supernatural abilities. This also brings to light a troubling notion of a new form of undead. It is doubtful a new variety of undead would just appear like this, and strongly suggests that there is a necromancer at work here. There is something at work here behind the scenes, my associates, that is hidden from us. However, this is an entrepreneurial opportunity for us as well. If we can find this necromancer and put a stop to his work, in addition to ridding the world of a foul creature, we will garner the respect and favor of the people of New Guardia. The town site will garner some careful investigation.

However, before that day we must prepare ourselves. Phedh, Kagiso, so either of you have the necessary divine magics to protect us from the undead disease? Or must we seek protection from another source? Additionally, I suggest that in the light of this revelation we make camp outside the city and keep a vigil watch at all times. It is possible the necromancer, if he exists, is making his base in the city.

Welcome to your Adventure Log!

Indeed staying in the city will be dangerous, each of those creatures may be the eyes and ears of the person behind the thickets. Supposedly the ghoals came from the swamp, perhaps the lair is loated there (meta: secret swamp base oh noes!). Is this possible necromancer just trying to create an army and establish a base in the city ruins, or is there something of value hiden in the city?

Welcome to your Adventure Log!

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