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Welcome to the wiki for our campaign! I use this tab, along with the Characters tab, to organize and present the world’s towns, organizations, and whatever dungeons/cites/etc. you guys have discovered in a way that facilitates nonlinear gameplay. As far as in-character knowledge goes, you may assume that anything visible on this wiki is either widely-known public knowledge, or has been discovered by the party.

Be aware, however, that this wiki lets me create content that only I can see; I make extensive use of this privilege. There may be plenty of content about a town, organization, dungeon, or NPC that you can’t see yet, because you haven’t discovered that information. For now, there are five categories of article in the wiki:

The World

The World is the catch-all category; anything that’s not a town, organization, dungeon, or NPC is in this category. Note that the world map(s) are kept under the Maps tab.

Recent topics in the “World” category:


Towns are any important locations that are considered “safe,” in the sense that we don’t need to play on a battle grid or roll initiative to move around the town or interact with it. Of course, if you guys get yourselves into a bar fight or some other urban altercation, we’ll lay out a map and roll initiative.

Cities, towns, and even the headquarters of any non-hostile organizations all fall under this category. Unlike dungeons, towns generally do not have full maps drawn for them, as you do not (typically) interact with them in a tactical fashion. All of the information the party discovers/needs about a town is kept on its page on this wiki.

Recent topics in the “Towns” category:


Organizations are all of the various groups of NPCs you’ll interact with in the world. If the PCs interact with the organization in any meaningful way, that organization’s page will contain a section summarizing their standing with that organization.

Recent topics in the “Organizations” category:


Dungeons are all of the static and dynamic encounters (beyond simple one-encounter random encounters) that the party is aware of. Note that dungeons usually have maps associated with them; if the party is aware of a particular dungeon’s layout, that dungeon’s map map will be posted under the Maps tab, and a link to the map will be posted on the dungeon’s page.

Recent topics in the “Dungeons” category:


NPCs are organized under the Characters tab. Each town’s important NPCs are listed on that town’s wiki page, along with links to the characters’ pages.

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